Sunday, November 25, 2007

Second Temple Judaism Listmainia

The Second Temple Jewish period provides the key to understanding the New Testament. Before we can apply the teaching of scripture today, we have to know how the original audience understood it. In order to read the New Testament like the original audience, we must read the text with their worldview, presuppositions, and hopes. We can only acquire this ability by immersing ourselves in their culture by reading the primary text from the period.

With this in mind, I have created an listmania to guide you through these primary resources. I recommend that you begin by reading "Backgrounds of Early Christianity" then "The New Testament and the People of God." Once you have finished these introductions, read the Apocrypha paying special attention to the books of Maccabees and the first three books of "Jewish War" by Josephus. These sources give you a general historical timeline in which you can place the other writings. Now you can read whatever you like in any order. Please feel free to comment on any suggestions or works I should include in the list.


darlene said...

I love finding out what is happening that we forget to say on the phone. This is great!

I just saw the Graham schloarship. I know you are not getting a M.Div but it says you can get it with a MA as well. I just feel that you would qualify but didn't know if you had applied.

Jackson said...

Yes I have it right now.